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Animal Rescue Groups

Legitimate Animal Rescues That Can Use Your Help

Local, National & International Animal Rescues That Can Use Your Help

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Animals are sentient beings with emotions that feel pain, happiness, fear and so on. Rescue groups and no-kill shelters do the best they can to help minimize suffering of these beings and allow them to live the best life they can. As we care about animals and feel this is a noble cause, we felt the least we could do is have a webpage listing some legitimate organizations that would greatly appreciate donations of any amount that people were able to provide. If you already give to a local shelter, great! If you are interested in helping an animal rescue group but did not know where to donate, please check out these links to specific organizations that you can donate directly to. We do not get anything for providing these links, your complete donation would go to these groups. We are sure they would be most appreciative of any help you could provide.

Howell Nature Center - Wildlife Rehabilitaion

The link to the wildlife rehab page of our local wildlife rescue group states: "From orphaned baby squirrels to owls with fractured wings, we strive to provide quality care with the hopes of rehabilitation and release back to the wild." We know from personal experience that this is true and can confidently recommended this as a worthwhile cause to donate to. The following link is to the wildlife rehab page while includes a donation link for those that are able to help.

Howell Nature Center logo
Howell Nature Center

Michigan Humane - Donate or Adopt!

The oldest and largest nonprofit animal welfare organization in the state, this is one where you can adopt a pet from. Cats, dogs, small animals, exotics and more, if you interested in adopting a pet in Michigan, check out this site and see who needs a home.

Michigan Humane logo
Michigan Humane

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

A no kill animal sanctuary that does their best to "save them all", this is another one we have personal experience with and highly recommend. You can donate, adopt, foster or help in other ways. They truely appreciate anything you can do. Check out the website of this great organization:

Best Friends - Save Them All logo
Best Friends - "Save Them All"

American Humane

"Founded in 1877 as the country’s first national humane organization, American Humane is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of animals." The great thing about this organization is their comprehensive approach to animal welfare in the United States and, more recently, providing help to animals in Ukraine. If you are able to help, they have simple ways to donate to whatever level you would like.

American Humane logo
American Humane

SPCA International - Global Animal Rescue

This global organization lists their mission statement as advancing the safety and well-being of animals. Their efforts include spay and neuter, taking a stand against the dog and cat meat trade, helping animals affected by disasters and so much more. If you would like to learn more or donate to this great organization, please click on the link below.

SPCA logo
SPCA International